Virtual Interior Design Packages

Are you trying to furnish and stock a property but you’re not sure how to go about it?  Do you know that you need good design to help your property stand out from the crowd so you can get more bookings and a higher nightly rate?  Good for you!  Everyone wants to achieve the “magazine” listings, but most people don’t know how to get there… so first of all, pat on the back for doing something about it.
Hayes & Co. offers virtual design packages that will ensure you have an amazingly designed property, completely eliminate the decision fatigue, and take the stress of getting everything right off of your shoulders, so you can focus on all of the other stuff!

Packages Include:


The Process and Timing:

Here’s a little bit of information on what you can expect from the virtual design process:

  1. Once we interview each other and decide to move forward with the project, I’ll send you a contract to sign and an invoice. 
  2. The full design fee is due in order for me to begin work on the project.  If you are booking in advance, I will send you a deposit request with the contract, and the full amount will be due when the project commences.
  3. You send me the dimensions and pictures (if you need info on what to send I’ll give it to you!)
  4. We’ll have an initial consultation where we’ll talk about the property, go through the “Finding Your Story” process, talk about max occupancy, upgrades, and work together to create a style vision for the property.  We’ll also talk about the budget, target nightly rate, etc.
  5. I will make the furniture layouts and do the space planning, then send it to you to approve.
  6. I will source all of the furniture and decor, and put everything on design boards and send them to you with a corresponding linked Google Sheet, so you can see the total cost of all furniture and decor.  
  7. You get one round of revisions to change out anything you want!
  8. I’ll send you the updated boards and list, along with the complete linked stocking list for the property.
  9. You place the orders!  
  10. Once you confirm that all orders have been placed, I’ll send you the install guide so that you know exactly where everything goes.
  11. You do the install!
The timing: the virtual design process can usually be completed (from initial consultation to install) in 6-8 weeks for properties 3 bedroom and up.  In order to meet this timeframe, it is imperative that once items are approved, you place the orders ASAP!

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