1966 Milo Baughman Rosewood On-3 T Frame Chairs NFT (1 of 2)

1966 Milo Baughman Rosewood On-3 T Frame Chair NFT (2 of 2) | Hayes & Company

For the discerning collector. This chair was originally created by Mid-Century Modern designer Milo Baughman. Only two of these chairs in this original light mohair fabric will be minted, so each is a true collectible.  Make sure and purchase both items so you own the pair!  

Your purchase of this .glb file with render-ready materials, as well as an un-lockable .vox file is ready use in any virtual world, making it the perfect addition to every digital collection. Zoom in to see the attention to detail in every aspect of this high quality piece.  

Unlockable content with purchase includes .vox file as well as more information and history about your unique item.

Collect… or display. Contact Hayes & Company Interiors to design and furnish your virtual dream home today!

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